New Car Preparation

Not every new car has perfect paint. In fact more often than not the paintwork is in less than stellar condition. Massive assembly lines and new painting methods have left new cars riddled with buffer trails, paint nibs, sanding marks and an array of other paint defects. Then once your vehicle arrives at the dealership it could be subjected to improper washing and drying methods further deteriorating the finish and installing wash marring, staining and etchings.

Don’t be fooled by the bold claims of dealer installed paint protection products. These dealership coatings are normally low quality and improperly installed leading to failure after only a few months apposed to the claimed years of durability.

Our New Car Prep process involves diagnosing those paint issues and creating a custom plan to restore your vehicles paintwork back to where it should be. We firstly remove any contaminates and cleanse every surface in preparation for our single stage paint correction process. This polishing step will remove any defects the vehicle may have and prepare it for our full range of professional ceramic coatings. Our rangel of ceramic coatings produce extreme gloss levels and allow the finish to be easily maintained We are authorized installers of Modesta ceramic coatings

For the ultimate protection we recommend installing paint protection film (PPF) to protect the fragile paintwork from rock chips and light scratches.

Starting at $550

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