Obsession is a problem for some people. For us, it’s a job requirement.

Paint Protection Film

Nearly invisible and powerful enough to repel things that normally wreak havoc on high-impact areas, our protective films shield your car during highway travel, city living, and bumps, drops, and oopses — without uneven paint wear. We keep small imperfections from becoming big annoyances.

Vinyl Wrap & Graphics

The only thing limiting your expression here is imagination. From single-color wraps to custom-created designs, these wraps look like they’re custom painted on, but can be removed or replaced without any damage to the paint underneath. Become your very own Da Vinci (on wheels).

Window Tinting

Our technicians tint windows using state-of-the-art applicators and materials. Your car will look like it was born with tinted windows, and with a coast-to-coast lifetime warranty, they’ll outlast your car. What you do behind them is your business — we don’t ask (or tell).

Paintless Dent Repair

Some drivers don’t notice small dents, but to us it’s like overlooking a missing front tooth. Careless parkers, a rock kicked up on a highway, or a wayward door can put a dent or crease in an otherwise perfect body. We’ll make you forget anything ever happened.


There’s no going home again, but you can take your car back to the day it came home. So much more than just a wash, this is a PH-balanced, de-ionized love fest for your car’s paint and interior that’s as good as rolling the odometer back to 000001.


We only partner with companies who share our love of science in the service of automotive perfection. Because some works of art have four wheels.


World Class Installers

We’re proud to hold the 2014 title for the World’s Best Paint Protection Installer*. We plan to maintain this status by ensuring that all of our installers are trained to standards that are higher than the industry’s.

*Awarded by the International Window Film Conference and Tint-Off

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Can’t wait? We get that. If it’s between the hours of 8 and 6, M-F, you can call us at (774) 233-0933.

Contact Us

Can't wait? We get that. If it's between the hours of 8 and 6, M-F, you can call us at (774) 233-0933.